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Publicity consulting is insisting of main basis: 1) experienced 2) performance of thought in promoting development of affair. 3) High public relations.

Sam Graphic advertising society begin own affair with more than 25 years experienced in the field of publicity consulting, design, graphic with the management of Mr. Majid Nariman.
At present time, this club can support your company in the creating of space advertising for presence in internal and external market.

Sam Graphic can design your company logo. This society has more than 600 cases in logo design for internal and external companies.


Iranian genuineness and line is proverbial among all whether in inside or outside of the country. Elegance and genuineness of the Iranian company can be summarized in its logo tradition.


In spite of solar and Christian calendar, Sam Graphic is capable distinguish your place between companies by designing and publishing of calendar. We can design and publish many kinds of calendar such as: wall, table, pocket and also fantasy.


Now, with settlement in the third millennium and electronic millennium and IT. Many companies in the world use of personal website in addition to information exchange affairs in presence form or by sending of catalogue in the form of papery.
You can settle all required possibilities gratis in exposed sight of people. This club with having experienced cadre for accomplishment of website dynamic and static and also in the field of database, announce its readiness.


Sam Graphic can perform industrial and archives photography for you.
This club is equipped to the analogue and digital professional Nikon, Canon cameras.


Sam Graphic is equipped to the publishing of series W internal space, Canon and also apparatus of laminator GMP. This society has been settled its affairs based upon quality and all publishing affairs which is done with the looking qualitative of company, guaranties for color up to 3 years.


This society is equipped to the machine publication cassette PVC in the form of personal…
The cassette is containing of personal cassette, magnetic, smart cart

Now, Sam Graphic almost close to having a century experience cooperates with best publicities and companies which accomplish former and latter publishment services. using the experience, knowledge and modern apparatus has led the this company have quality be one of the major factors in achieving its goals.




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