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Sam Graphic Designing and publicity center with more than 20 years precedent in designing affairs, calligrapher and the accomplishment of computer, publish about big design and publicity projects for companies, institutes, cinemas, fairs, by modern apparatus some of these activities include:
1) Designing of all advertising works about elder hand, card visiting, envelope, brochure, packaging, calendar, label, copy book designing and articles for expositions and seminars and preparing photos of different sites and …….
2) The accomplishment of computer by equipped system of computer.
3) Preparing of film and zinc in the best laboratories.
4) Publishment and packaging by equipped machineries to the digital system computer. This company undertake all designing and publicity works of some institutes, big and reliable factories and internal and external which is observed on the pages.
In the meanwhile, this center with experienced cadre and equipped to the progressive computer systems is ready to give all advertising move with opened eye (open-mindedly).
We draw you attention to the most important samples published in the last few years. This center monthly authorize editorials about publish system and modern technology. During the age of technology and Speed Company designing of Sam graphic along with the modern technology in the brief time, authorize you the best of designing and quality.





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